20 Things About Little Boys

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this article from the Huffington Post !  Thanks to my friend, Sabranie, for posting this on facebook!

All mamma’s with boys should read this article!

20 Things Nobody Told Me About Little Boys

Blogger, Amalah.com

1. You will spend a crazy amount of time clipping their weed-like fingernails, even though your own nails don’t grow worth a damn.

2. They will also probably have nicer eyelashes than you.

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Real women, real bodies

I LOVE this article I found online from TODAY Moms!  It is about a group of women that were so tired of seeing the perfect bodies of celebrities right after having babies.  They decided to have a ‘Goddess Gathering’ and wear sports bras and tank tops and cheer each other on.  This is reality for most of us..not Jessica Simpson with a $3 million weight watcher deal, or Beyonce with her perfect bod just weeks later.  I applaud these women for accepting themselves and supporting each other!

Crib note: Moms celebrate their real post-baby bodies

By Dana Macario

Having a baby is usually one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. Looking down at her post-baby body usually isn’t.

Let’s face it, for most of us, even if we lose the baby weight, our bodies just aren’t quite the same afterwards. Bits tend to be wider, saggier, flappier, lower or just plain different than they were pre-pregnancy. While we mere mortals are contending with stretch marks and cellulite, so many celebrity moms seem to be on the beach, skipping in skimpy bikinis soon after giving birth. It’s hard not to be disheartened.

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Coming down off the mountains…

Just got home from my girls weekend at Whistler.  I’m definitely not feeling well, but this time it’s not drinks to blame-it’s the stomach flu.  Yep, my super fab girls weekend at Whistler didn’t go all great for this mamma.  Luckily I had one good late night of fun..because then it hit me.   That’s right—my worst nightmare came true. Sick—on girl’s weekend!

Of course, even with the given circumstances, it wasn’t all bad.  I had a good day and half before becoming deathly ill.  I had a nice drive up with some much needed girl talk.  We played a fun game called “Hot or Hot Mess?” (thanks, Andy Cohen).  Where we named people ( celebrities mostly) and guessed how we thought one of us would answer.  We had dinner and beers in Squamish  at Boston Pizza (they have multigrain crust now!).  And made it to Whistler by 10pm just in time to rally the birthday girl and put the other 2 hardcore zipliners to bed.

Whistler was pretty dead but we met some good connections which ensured some serious VIP treatment for the rest of the trip.  I am proud to say, we closed down the bars that night—Happy Birthday A.C.!  It was also the Tough Mudder competition so that meant thousands of people (mostly dudes) coming to town.

I should have known something was up when I slept entirely through breakfast and shopping only to wake to the gals coming home with bags from GAP, super cute Crocs and Lush bath balls!   Damn—I must have been tired to sleep through all that,  I thought.  I woke up feeling fine and headed to the pool and hot tub in the secluded “Adult Environment” at the condo (how cool is that!)  Got myself ready and headed to the bike hill to enjoy some eye candy ;).  We had $20 nachos at GLC  (so expensive there) and did a little more shopping.

Things went downhill from there.  I tried to rally but there was no having it.  I had to pass on dinner then tried to regain myself but there was no way—I was ill.  In for the night at 9pm with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Thank GOD the worst was over by the next morning because that windy drive home from Whister is a bitch!  I was nauseous but held it together by recounting the night’s stories and fun times on the trip.  We all had embarrassing moments but that’s what bonding is about.  On the way home we hit up the tax-free Duty Free store which has super cheap stuff—especially liquor.  Between 5 of us we ended up with 17 bottles of liquor!  LOL!  Luckily it should be enough to stock all our shelves for the summertime.

And hey, if you’ve ever been sick at home with 2 kids crawling all over you, you know that being alone at Whistler isn’t so bad.

2 days later I’m still not quite myself.  It wasn’t ideal but it could have been worse.  Here’s to the 1st annual Girls Whistler Weekend!

Girl’s weekend! Holla!

Is it me or does life actually get easier as your kids get older?  OK, it may only be temporary, until the teenage years rear their ugly head anyway.  My youngest is almost 3 and I finally feel like I can breathe again.  Being a working mom with two little ones has had plenty of challenges.  Long lost were the days of doing anything for myself, wearing anything cute for fear of it being ruined, or spending a lazy, hungover day on the couch.  For the past 3 years my daughter could not even be convinced to watch TV.  So not even as much as 20 minutes of peace could be enjoyed til bed time.  Recently a miraculous thing happened—DORA!  Yep, Dora the Explorer has been discovered in our house and the outcome is grand!  OK, so I don’t get to watch my shows anymore, and now her and her brother fight over which cartoons to watch, but at least (at least!) I have a solid half-hour off duty from my little Diva (somewhat—while I clean and do laundry and make dinner, and do freelance work, ect., ect.).

Anyway, back to my point.  I feel like everyday my life is changing and I have more me time.  In the past week I’ve actually gone to Boot Camp at the gym twice!  (I haven’t been able to exercise with the jogging stroller for ages!)  My husband and I have not had a kid-free vacation, or for that matter anymore than a couple nights away total in nearly 7 years!  But now, my friends, my life is evolving.  I am going on an all girl’s weekend getaway!!  No kids, no husbands, no pets, no lunch boxes, no strollers, no Dora!  Just 6 hot mammas in one of my favorite places in the world—Whistler, BC!

Whistler is a Canadian hot spot, especially for a outdoorsy northwest girl!  So much fun and adventure in a beautiful setting with shopping, restaurants, bars, trails..not to mention hot downhill mountain biking guys ;)  We are in for some TROUBLE.  OK, so it’s not winter so we can’t ski, but no one is complaining.  Simply laying by the pool with an US Weekly sounds fabulous!  Of course, since we are there to celebrate a 30th b-day, I’m sure we will hit up some night life as well!

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this trip.  I don’t even mind the 3+hour drive as a time to catch up with my ladies.  Girlfriends are key.  I mentioned it before and I’ll say it again.  Even if you are best friends with your husband, there is nothing like a little girl time to heal the soul!

And despite all the mom guilt (we all have it)—I’m going to enjoy every moment of my free time!  And hey who’s says married gals can’t enjoy a little eye candy?  We’re married not dead! (I’m safe, my husband doesn’t read my blog—thanks for the support, dear!)

I promise I’ll share all the dirt when I return!  (Of course, some names may need to be changed ;))

In the meantime, cheers to a great weekend to all the start of summer vacation! (WTH are we going to do all summer?!)

5 “Amaze-Balls” Women

I feel for the young girls of the world today.  There is a huge shortage of good role models.  It is just me or have celebrities and athletes forgotten that they are looked up to and admired by so many young people?  Whether it’s drugs, domestic violence or just a disregard for sincerity, there are only a few respectable American’s to look up to.

As a working mom I’m always looking for inspiring women.  And although they are far and few between, I’ve put together a list of my top 5 inspirational women.

5.  Tori Spelling….. That’s right—Donna Martin herself.  Most childhood actors follow paths of destruction in life that usually involves drugs or crime.  But not Tori Spelling.  Despite her public battles within her family, Tori has risen to the occasion in creating an empire out of her original brand.  With several popular reality shows, a number of best-selling books, a popular blog, jewelry line and many other endeavors, Tori has proven that child stars can be successful—if they do it right.  My book club gals read Tori’s first 2 books.  They are brutally honest and hilarious.  Cheers to Tori for making her dreams a reality.

4.  Giuliana Rancic…. You probably know G from E! News as Ryan Seacrest’s co-host.  But Giuliana also has a popular reality show with her husband Bill Rancic.  Together they are a hilarious duo with a  great outlook on life.  Giuliana has bravely shared her battles with infertility and breast cancer with the entire world.  A daunting feat that has touched the lives of so many women.   We love Giuliana for her honesty and her humor and are so happy that her dreams are coming true. No one deserves it more.  And if you’re wondering where I got the word “Amaze-balls”, check out her show on the Style network.

3.  Bethenny Frankel….  I talk about Bethenny Frankel a lot.  If you didn’t her before you probably do after reading my blog.  One of the original Housewives of NYC,  Bethenny turned her 5  minutes of fame into a fortune.  Bethenny has had 2 spin-off shows, she branded the Skinny Girl margarita (which she then sold to Jim Beam for $40 mill), her books are best-sellers and she now has her own talk show.  This is a women who stopped at nothing to achieve her dreams.  She inspires me to be great.

2. Michelle Obama…As if the first lady isn’t gorgeous enough—she has a personality to match!  Michelle Obama is not only beautiful and stylish in her J Crew inspired wardrobe, she also is down-to-earth and real.  She’s using her platform to change the world, from childhood obesity to supporting military families, Michelle Obama has my vote!

1.  Oprah..OK so the talk show is over and the OWN network isn’t exactly thriving, but a list of top women would not be complete without the one woman who has single-handedly changed my generation.  Oprah is such a pioneer and inspiration to women of the world.  She has made us realize that dreams can come true.  And she has brought real-life issues that had been tucked away in secrecy out into the mainstream world.  Oprah has changed my life by being a respectable, successful and inspirational woman.  I will always remember the life lessons she has taught me and will always be aware of life’s “Aha moments.”

So there’s my list.  Who are the women that motivate and inspire you?

Embrace your connections

There are millions of people in this world.  But of the masses, there are only a select group of people that you will truly connect with in your lifetime.  Whether the people you connect with are professional or personal, embrace your connections.

I remember almost 7 years ago (wow, really?) when my first child was born.  It was all I had ever dreamed of.  And the opportunity to stay home with him during the first year was one of my dreams come true; something I thought I had always wanted.   Unfortunately, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be—for me.  I ended up depressed, lonely and itching to find someone to relate to –or to return to the adult workforce.

I was the first of most of my friends to have children.  And during those days of being home with my son, I was desperate for another new mom to talk to.  I remember going out to the park each day and hoping to meet someone to relate to.  I was disappointed that of all the women I met, there was no one who I really connected with.  Some moms seemed fun, but after chatting realized that their idea of fun was a LOT more extreme than mine was.  On the opposite end, the responsible moms were either REALLY religious or were so uptight I could not relate.

Finally- my BFF introduced me a group of neighbors who I clicked with immediately.  This current group of friends are a perfect mix of responsible and healthy , fun and adventurous.  The first time I met them I walked into a News Years party where we celebrated East coast time for the kids’ sake, and everyone was buzzed by 6PM. A little after hours dancing to Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’, and I knew these gals rocked.  We’ve been friends since.

On a professional level, connections are key.  Whether networking for business or finding a mentor to learn from, professional connections are key to success.  I love meeting successful women and learning from their stories.  As women we get ‘girl crushes’..no, not  Katy Perry ‘I kissed a girl’ crushes, but more of “I think you are super cool and I would like to be your friend” crush.    Women are drawn to other women that are attractive and also possess the traits we wished we had.  It’s great to have women in your life to look up to, learn from and admire.

Don’t underestimate a good connection. There are a select few people in your lifetime you will truly connect with.  Do the work to maintain these relationships.  And remember that you are being looked up, too. People are drawn to you because you possess some trait they wish they had, or that they admire. Good relationships can be such a positive force in your life.  Good friends, coworkers and business partners can make all the difference in your outlook on life.

Keeping connections takes work; you have to put-out effort (no, I don’t mean “put out”) to maintain successful relationships in life.  But it is totally worth it for meeting the right people.

Cheers to good connections! And TGIF!  Wine, please!

Wine Marketed to Moms?

Is wine increasingly being marketed to moms?  Well, heck ya! Go where the drinkers are!  This blog post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Off Duty Mom.  I have never actually met her but we are bonded as Moms Who Wine :)

A recent article in the Huffington Post talks about how wine makers are strategically marketing wine to moms.  A practice some say is “irresponsible.”  HA!  How about “smart.”  Finally!  People are catching on that moms are stressed-out and wine is a saving grace on many a bad day.  Bethenny Frankel was a genius in creating the Skinny Girl cocktails.  Hello world, women do it all and guess what?  We like to drink, too!

Like Off Duty Mom, for a long time I felt the only mom that could barely handle her kids.  Nothing makes me happier than when moms stand up against the status quo and start talking about real life.

There is a new boxed wine out called Bota Box that has been referred to as the “mommy sippy cup.”  While I do not endorse drinking on-the-go, I love this idea!  Throw it right into your diaper bag and go!

Should you bring a bottle of Chardonnay to your son’s soccer game?  Hell no!  But at 4:30 when the kids start to break down and the impending dread of the nighttime routine starts to resonate, please, mamma, pour yourself a glass!

Read the story in the Huffington Post titled, “Wine Increasingly Marketed to Moms

Cheers, Mamma’s!

Working Mom Blog ‘Moms Who Wine’ Goes Social

The delightfully witty blog for working moms (and dads) Moms Who Wine has expanded its online presence with a new Facebook page and Twitter handle. Moms Who Wine blog has also upgraded to a permanent domain at http://momswhowine.me

Bellingham, WA

Moms Who Wine blog, a bold and aromatic blend of confessions and humor from a ripe and balanced working mom—aged 34 years, is getting social.  Working moms and dads alike can join the fun with a new fan Facebook page and Twitter handle.  Moms Who Wine blog also upgraded to a permanent domain at http://momswhowine.me

What better way for working moms to unwind after a long day than with a glass of wine and a hilarious blog filled with all the embarrassing stories you have experienced but are too shy to share!  Moms around the world are flocking to this hilarious blog which has seen a huge influx of visitors the past few weeks.

“Even I cringe when I read some of the stories..even though I lived them!” says author Erin Lundstrom.  “It’s time to quit shoving the issues of stressed out moms under the rug and have a forum to support each other.”

Moms Who Wine is quickly becoming popular and has plans to expand in the coming months.  Moms Who Wine is currently seeking sponsorship and author Erin Lundstrom is available for freelance blogging opportunities.

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Twitter @momwhowines

About the Author
Erin Lundstrom lives in northwest Washington and works as an editor for a popular newswire service. Along with blogging, Erin’s offers freelance writing, editing, blogging and SEO services as well as consulting services for social media marketing. Erin is also an independent distributor of the AdvoCare line of nutritional supplements. Married for 10 years and mother to a 6 year old boy and 2 year old girl, Erin is aware of the issues that affect working moms and is eager to provide a voice to these concerns.

Don’t be stupid – Love your haters

OK, so I mentioned I was out of town for a work event this past week. And besides learning to drink heavily, be professionally hungover and eat more crab in one week in than in most years, I also learned some life skills from the amazing guest speakers.

My favorite speaker at the conference was Peter Shankman.  He is the founder of a company that was recently acquired by the corporation I work for—and a real fire ball to say the least.  He had a lot of wisdom to offer and I learned a lot from his speech.

One of my favorite points made during Peter’s speech is “Don’t be Stupid.”  Almost everyone these days has a mobile device that we keep with us at all times.  This is generally a good thing and keeps the multi-tasking minds of American’s at full capacity texting, tweeting, updating status’ and “checking-in” at various locations.  But there is a fine line you need to be aware of before you turn on your mobile device.

Peter made a point of saying that “you ARE your brand.”  There is really no separation between you as a person and you or your company as a brand.  And you need to remember this as you present yourself to the world.  In other words, “Don’t be stupid!”  Don’t take your mobile device when you are going out drinking!  That drunken tweet to the world is a direct reflection back to you and your brand.  And the drunk text you send your ex after 4 glasses of red wine—NOT a good idea.  Don’t be stupid.  Be careful what you say about people and what private information you reveal to the world.  Although you may not be able to see the harm you can do to yourself, this information is not going anywhere..so in two years when you go get that professional job—is this the picture you want to present?

The other point he made is to love your haters!  There are always going to haters in the world—wherever you go and whatever you do.  But be true to yourself—and don’t be afraid who you might offend along the way.  Your biggest hater could turn into your biggest fan.  I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on my blog—but it doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Some say, “how can you complain about your kids when you are so lucky to have them?”  Or, “Is it really appropriate to talk about drinking wine while parenting young children?”

My answer is yes.  Because this is my truth, this is who I am and what I feel.  And by being honest about that and embracing my haters, I’ve reached a huge pool of moms who can relate.  Other successful women, like Bethenny Frankel (love her!) and Chelsea Handler also live their truths..and while not everyone will agree with the decisions or statements they make..there are a LOT of people that do.  Don’t be discouraged to act in your own truth in fear of offending someone.  Someone will ALWAYS be offended no matter what you do in life.  So live in your own truth and love your haters!

Far and Away

This week I got away.  Far, far away—Baltimore to be exact—across the country.  I was invited back East for a PR event for the company I work for.  It has been several years since I’ve been able to travel for work, and I’d always enjoyed, so I was up for the adventure.  With two young kids at home of course I had some anxiety about leaving.  I even questioned going—but knew I would regret missing it, and the opportunity had been given to me for a reason, so I took the bait.

Even driving to the airport the early morning I left I felt a bit guilty.  It didn’t’ last.  Once I was to the airport and could sit for several minutes, alone, in peace, I was IN!  Simple things like checking your email in peace, or enjoying your Starbucks latte while sitting peacefully with your choice of music on your iPod—is an unexpected pleasure.  It was a long flight and a lot of work but I ended up having a great time.  The anxiety about being far away, and being alone, essentially, except for collegues I had not yet met, was quick to dwindle.  It was really good to get away.  I believe all moms need this.

It’s easy to get stuck in everyday life.  Everyday, every week, seems to follow the same pattern—school, work, dinner, bed, blah, blah, blah.  Same people same scenery and you can’t help but get sucked in.  Sometimes it’s not until you get away from it all that you begin to see the whole world again.  Life isn’t limited to your everyday routine.  There is a giant world out there that you can be part of—and sometimes all you need to do is just step out of your comfort zone to get there.

I’m feeling inspired—like I can breathe again.  Like a part of me that has been missing for so many years of being a mom was reintroduced to my life.  This partly had to do with just being in a new place.  Somewhere I had never been.  And partly from being in a professional environment with successful and inspiring people surrounding me.  And I’ll admit, a small part also had to do with being treated like a woman again—not just a mom.  So maybe a little attention to spice up your PG rated life isn’t all bad!

My advice — Get out there!  Don’t get sucked into your sweat pants and hoodie life.  Women are so powerful and have so much greatness to offer to the world!   Being a strong, powerful woman is a huge advantage.  Use it wisely. Don’t just sit back and watch life happen—watch life happen to YOU!

Now, if I can just take my own advice I’ll be flyin! :)

Cheers to fabulous women!!