Feelin the love! Versatile Blogger Award X 2!

I started blogging, mostly, as a way to get some additional writing samples for my freelance career.  Little did I know that blogging would prove to be so fulfilling in so many other ways!

First of all, THANK YOU so much to all the people who have read my blog, commented on my posts, nominated me for awards and sent me so much love and support!  It has been so great to hear from people from all areas of my life who can relate!  I knew, at least within my friendship group, that moms could relate to this type of honest humility. But I have been completely overwhelmed by the support and love of fellow bloggers and friends!  So many moms are going through these same issues and it feels so good to know we are in this together!

I’ve met some INCREDIBLE women through blogging!  More “moms who wine,” moms who cook, moms who are crafty, moms who are businesswomen and stay-at-home moms.   Some of the most inspirational stories I’ve read lately have been from my fellow mommy bloggers!  At this very moment another mommy blogger in Salt Lake City is sipping a Skinny Girl margarita and pulling her hair out over potty training!  One of my commenter’s said “I feel as though our spirits are kindred. Or drunk. Either way I have enjoyed your blog and I really just wanted you to know that…”!  I love it!  And women from all over the world can relate.  I’ve had readers from Canada, Europe, Venezuela and everywhere in between.  It’s amazing how we are all able to come together.

I am very happy to announce that my lil blog has been nominated for TWO Versatile Blogger awards!  With all these amazing blogs out there I can’t believe that people have selected little ole me and I couldn’t be more honored!  I don’t know much about the award—and who knows what it really means, but I am just happy to be doing something I love and getting to know some amazing women in the meantime!

Lately I’ve thought twice about some of my posts, knowing that people I know are reading them, and some are going to judge.  But I thought about some of my favorite women, like Bethenny Frankel and Tori Spelling and Chelsea Handler, and realized that even though they say things that not everyone agrees with, it is their brutal honesty that we love!  So thanks to all of you for inspiring me to be honest, even when it hurts!

Here are some of my fav blogs!

Off Duty Mom

Dirty Rotten Parenting

Mom on the go in Holy Toledo

Being 5

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