Confessions of a Pothead Mom– Let the discussion begin!



I love the Huff Post. Not only because the media powerhouse is owned by a woman, but because they aren’t afraid to post real-world issues.  From the whole section for “Divorce” to the honest blog posts, Huff post is a must on my daily reading list.  The blog post on March 21st from self-proclaimed “pothead mom” Kiri Westby started a conversation that is probably long overdue.  With the legalization of pot in 2 states (I live in WA), and the national attention that marijuana has received recently, it was only a matter of time before this conversation was necessary.  It’s nothing new for moms to be expressing their love of wine.  I mean, it’s the title of my blog.  But for many mothers pot is their drug of choice.  Although being high on pot is nothing close to the effects of alcohol, it is still given a very harsh stigma. In a time when so many adults are using and abusing prescription drugs like xanax, it seems biased to give a worse stigma to pot.  The fact is we live in a world where are kids are going to grow up with legal pot.  So instead of hiding it like our parents did, I agree with Westby that the time is now to address this topic and discuss it in healthy and safe environment.

Read the article here and let me know what you think?  Is a pothead mom worse than a mom who wine’s?


“Let’s face it: My use of the word “pothead” probably dropped my IQ in your mind by several points. Despite compelling research that suggests marijuana has no lasting negative effects on brain function, unlike alcohol or tobacco, it still conjures up images of potato chips and sweatpants, struggling to get off the couch at 2 in the afternoon. And I’m a little concerned that everyone I encounter from now on, personally or professionally, will be asking themselves if I’m stoned at that very moment….” Read full article

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Things that irritate me


I feel the need to express my frustrations and what better way than to list all the things that annoy me.  So here it is:

  • Socks with sandals
  • Underwear that ride
  • Long toe nails
  • Talking with your mouth full
  • Canadians
  • Back fat
  • The Ombre look (I though forever that Khloe Kardashian just really needed to do her roots!)
  • Close talkers
  • Texting and driving
  • The smell of the green “pine” tree car airfreshner
  • Shedding dog fur
  • Women who judge other women
  • Overly positive people
  • Overly negative people
  • Canadians
  • Beggers
  • Braggers
  • Pop up ads
  • Slow internet
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Bad teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Pumping gas in the rain
  • Umbrellas
  • Bad grammar
  • Typos
  • Heath insurance companies
  • Passive aggressive people
  • Cleaning the shower
  • Commercials on a 2 minute video
  • Commercials that are much louder than the show
  • Email spam
  • Candadians
  • The state of our country
  • The fact that jury duty only pays $10/day
  • Extreme right wingers
  • Weeds
  • Vegans
  • Comcast
  • The stacks and stacks of paper sent home with my preschooler that only have one scribble
  • Whining (ironic!)
  • Constantly posting “selfies”
  • People that are on Facebook all day but never post anything
  • The way white wine tastes after it’s been open for over a day
  • And last but certainly not least- Cancer!

Ahh..I feel better! What did I miss??

Confessions of a 37 year old


It was just my birthday. Holy sh*t I’m getting old! It’s been- well, a year filled with highs and lows. Some by choice, some not. But I did get to celebrate my birthday in style with a group of great girlfriends , a road trip and a super fun resort in Portland, Oregon. McMenamins- my new happy place. A little piece of heaven on earth. My friend Amber kept referring to the trip as my “vision quest”- which I found to be hilarious but actually true. I needed to get out of town, and I needed to come to terms with some things in my life.
Several months ago my husband of over 10 years and I decided to split. I guess it was a long time coming when I look back. We started drifting years ago, and we finally got to the point where we realized we weren’t doing our kids any favors by staying together. I’m sure you’ve heard of Gwyneth Paltrow’s announcement of her and Chris Martin’s “conscious uncoupling.” I don’t like Gwenyth—I think she’s completely wrong about working moms, and I think her extreme diets are ridiculous- but I guess in a way my ex and I consciously un-coupled. There was no drama. No lying or cheating. We simply grew apart and decided to end it before we ended up hating each other. Being civil during this time has been a blessing. It’s made this whole process easier on both us and our kids. There are no bad words being said about the other spouse, we split things 50/50, and most of all there is peace in our home- finally. I admire and respect my ex very much. I know we will remain friends for life. I couldn’t have hand-picked a better father for our children. I know that we will be great co-parents and, long from now, we will share a dance at our children’s’ weddings.

Despite the somewhat smooth transition, splitting up your family is never easy. There were, and still are, times when I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. We still have to bicker about household things like finances which is never fun. And most of all the vision I had for my future is now altered. During my “vision quest” I came to terms with the fact that we need to sell our beautiful family home. There is no way I can afford it myself and sharing just isn’t an option. I also had to let go of the vision I had for my future. But I also realized that I can now start to write the next chapter of my book of life—and it starts now.

I also had to come to terms with another big change. My dad, who I love and cherish with all my heart, has recently discovered that his cancer has returned. This time—it’s not going away. I’m a daddy’s girl. My dad has been the man in my life for 37 years. My rock. A man I admire and respect. And now, shortly after losing my husband, I face losing my dad. It’s easy to fall into the rut of “it’s not fair.” “Why can’t this happen to a deadbeat dad instead?” “Why now?” But during my trip I realized that life isn’t fair. And you can’t change what you can’t change and must instead rise to the challenge and accept it. Accept it and live- live every moment. Life is short.
I wasn’t exactly happy to turn another year older- especially after injuring my foot to the point of immobility and feeling every bit my age. But I’m not going to focus on the negative. I’m going to appreciate my health and embrace happiness. Life is too short to live one day not being happy. I’m going to deal with reality with my head held high and forge ahead. I finally realize I have everything I need to be happy –right here, right now.

My dad is here now—and I plan to enjoy every moment I can with him. I will get my own place, even if it’s small, it will be mine. I can decide how I want to spend my free time. And I can now start living a life I’m proud of. The message is this—don’t wait. If you’re not happy make a change, as scary as it is. We learn from change and we grow from challenge. Wish me luck!

Why I like Keeping up with the Kardashians

ImageA lot of you have given me shit for liking the reality TV super-fam Keeping up with the Kardashians.  All I’ll be honest, I was NEVER interested in the show.  I was forced into watching and I was instantly annoyed by them all.  It wasn’t long, however, until I was sucked into the drama.  And now, I’ll admit, “My name is Erin, and I like Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

I’m not going to explain myself.  If you really want to know why I like them, read this and this.  But I have a new respect now.  After watching this seasons premiere I have a lot of respect for Bruce and Kris Jenner and the decision they made to end their relationship.

Trust me, I was as broken up as anyone after the hearing the news of the split!  I love them together..although it was starting to be pretty apparent things weren’t working.  I was equally (if not more!) upset with the Khloe and Lamar split..but I can’t really relate to that situ (thank God!).

Here’s the deal. Things are unconventional these days.  Because, the conventional ways..well, they aren’t really working, are they??  So people have kids before marriage, and married couples can separate without the huge battles, and gay people can marry, and the  lawsuit drama that most people think is divorce, doesn’t have to be.

Here’s what a civil break up can look like.   It looks like mom praising dad’s name rather than shit talking- and vice versa.  It looks like kids making a smooth(er) transition and parents staying friends.  It is possible to maintain? That is yet to be determined.  But for now it seems this is a good choice for the Jenner’s and for my friends in the same boat.  (Minus the billion-dollar empire.)

Look people, it’s no surprise that marriages’s reality.  But how you handle it, can make a world of difference, especially to the kids involved.   Isn’t this what adults should do??  Don’t get me wrong.  I know for  a lot of you, this isn’t possible because feelings are hurt and money is involved or whatever.  But ending it before you hate eachother?  Sounds like a good option.

BTW..Brody Jenner is HOT!  Just sayin..



Never underestimate the support of friends and pets

ImageOver the past several months my household has gone through, well, a transition.  Suddenly that free time I couldn’t get enough of…has been replaced with an incredibly quiet house and way too much time to think.  The change is good…but it sure is different.

You know that saying, “Misery loves company?”’s true.  But not because you want others to feel miserable..but there is something about having others who relate to your situation that is incredibly supporting.  In come friends.  Wonderful, supportive, encouraging friends.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  Unlike a “relationship” where It’s scary to be vulnerable and truly honest because you’re not sure if you will be accepted..with friends, you’re always accepted.  As fucked up and crazy as you might be, true friends understand.  Friends listen, they don’t judge, they empathize and they support.  And during your lifetime, there are some times you really need that more than others.

friends 6But even those times when you don’t need it, when life is good and you have no complaints, it’s easy to take friendships for granted.  Life gets busy and sometimes it just feels easier to try to deal with things on your own than put effort into friendships.  But let me tell you, during these “easy” times, don’t forget that real friendships need to be nurtured, and if you neglect that, you may be left on your own during the really tough times when you need friends the most.


In that same busy lifetime, it’s also easy to take your pets’ unconditional love for granted.  They can be annoying and the last thing you want to deal with after a busy day.  But let me tell you, when you come home to a big, quiet house all to yourself, and your dog and cat are there waiting to love you, it’s so wonderful.  Lately I don’t know what I would do without my pets.  They can’t talk, they can’t empathize, but they never judge.  And they are always there for you.  And there are times when a wagging tail can be the best part of your day!


The moral of the story is this…life is great and you only live once.  Don’t settle for unhappiness.  But don’t forget that there may be times when you really need support.  Don’t wait for those times to nurture your friendships, because if you do, you might not have their support when you really need it.  And as annoying as pets can be…cleaning litter, scooping poop, schlepping around 30 lbs bags of dog food…their unconditional love is priceless!

friends 3

And thanks to all my wonderful, loyal followers who listen to my stories without judgement and allow me to be me!  Love you all!!  Cheers!

I Hate My Hot Friends

reddress_crossedlegsI know you are thinking it- so I’m just gonna say it.  I hate my hottie girlfriends.  Why??..must they be so flipping hot?  Here’s how girls work, we are drawn to friendships with girls we are attracted to.  They might be cute or trendy, and everything you’re not, so we develop the “girl crush.”  Don’t get excited guys.  The girl crush is nothing sexual.  It’s basically just thinking another girl (lady, woman, whatever), is cool and someone you admire.   And so, it’s no wonder that I have hot friends, these are the people I wish I could be like.

Admire or not, you can’t help but hate the super hotties.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and we are super casual!  The idea of “dressing up” includes wearing your new Keen’s and Patagonia puffy vest.  Just the way I like it.  This week I think I’ve worn leggings and some kind of comfy hoodie everyday.  Then you have people like KS.  KS is my co-worker in a town I’ll call Fern-tucky.  If Bellingham is casual, then Fern-tucky is ghetto.  It’s in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Farmland.  But here comes KS everyday rolling into work in her designer jeans, heels, hair and makeup done, and even freaking matching purse and accessories!  This is who I have to sit by everyday!  And everyday, I feel a little more ghetto next to her.

Then there are my other super hot friends.  These bitches do “Bikram Yoga.”  You know, the hot Yoga that is dreadful but gives you the body of Olympic swimmer?  Here they are flaunting about in bikini’s after having two kids!!  UGH.  Don’t mind me in my swimsuit cover up with my hair in a ponytail!

And that’s not all…my other friends happen to all be super cute and at the largest a size 6!  Why, I ask, do I surround myself with these hotties?!  Because..this is what I strive to be.  I want to be hot and trendy and a size 6.  I want abs you can see after birthing two children.  I am friends with them because they inspire me.


And so, since it’s a new year, I’m going to make an effort to glam up my style.  Instead of leggings and a hoodie, I’ll start wearing jeans..not skinny jeans..but cute dark denim.  And maybe with some boots!  (I mean, seriously, once spring hits I won’t be removing my flip-flops so I better try now!)  I may not match my purse to my outfit, but I vow to get out the flat iron and at least do my hair…a couple times a week.  (Baby steps, weekends are all about yoga pants and Ughs, right?!)

So thank you, friends, for being so cute that I hate you.  But I do love the inspiration, so thanks for being my “girl crushes” and glamming up my frumpy look!  You know who you are! :)

Who’s with me?? Come on, haters!  How much do we hate Lauren Conrad?? Who else?

Top 5 Reasons Why I Hate Gisele Bundchen

In case you missed the Instagram photo Gisele Bundchen shared on Tuesday, here it is, with the perpelexing caption, “Multitasking.”


Reasons to hate:

1 .This is NOT multi-tasking!  She is sitting on her ass, getting pampered, while she nurses her baby.  Um, G, in case you skipped this class in high school, Multi means “many”.  I only see you doing one task??  You’re not even taking the Instagram pic, your assistant is!

This irks me for many (multi—are  you getting it now?) reasons.  One obviously the caption is not true and I think it takes away the meaning of the word that “REAL” moms use correctly and daily.  It’s also a slap in the face to every other woman who lives are not so glamorous.

2. She’s judgmental. In 2010 she was ‘allegedly’ quoted by a reporter by saying, “It should be a worldwide law to breastfeed your child for six months.”  Who the hell is she to talk?  This was her first child, she CLEARLY has PLENTY of help and absolutely no clue what struggles other women have.

3. She’s married to my boyfriend Tom Brady.  Tom Hottie has always been on my radar.  I was his fan before they ever met.  Yet, here she comes with her 5”11 supermodel bod and steals him away?!!  Don’t taint him with your nonsense, G, I still have hope!Free-Tom-Brady-Wallpaper

  1. 4. She’s clueless.  This one is pretty obvious, but it’s quite apparent that Gisele has absolutely no clue as to the lives of most American women.  She never has and never will.  Go live in your “lala land,” but don’t you dare try to judge others!

5. That M’r F’n hot-as-shit-perfect body that just miraculously retakes shape immediately following giving birth.  WTF?  How is this even possible?  Nice body, G, just quit flaunting it around like it’s the standard.

Ahhh.  I feel MUCH better now.  I needed to vent.  I’m sure she’s a nice lady, and I’m sure I’m just jealous, but please note:  I don’t condone being a hater.  Unless of course any of these situations apply..and a MULTI-tude of others mostly based on ridiculous media representation of the female gender.
Any other haters in the house??

Best and Worst Role Models for Kids

ImageWe all know the reality of how much power the media has over our children.   As a mom of two, I’m always concerned about what my kids are picking up from movies, televisions shows and magazines.  I care about who they look up to, who they think is cool, and try to always (almost impossible) present them with positive role models.  But what if your child grew up adoring Hannah Montana?  They idolize Miley Cyrus and that admiration continues today?  Thank GOD my kids are too young to know about “Hannah Montana gone bad”.  How do you explain Miley to your kids?  Why she is at the VMA’s doing pornographic moves with a stuffed bear?  Or why she’s on stage smoking a joint?  Or that she sings about how great the new club drug “Molly” is?  This is a worst nightmare scenario for a parent of a young child who grew up with Disney!

This has inspired my list of the best and worst role models in the media.

Let’s start with the BEST ROLE MODELS:

Taylor Swift-  I would choose one thousand times over for my kids to listen to and admire Taylor Swift over Miley Cyrus.  Sure she sings about heartbreak and dating, but she is as sweet as a Georgia peach!  She is fun, funny, can laugh at herself, is real and takes her job as a role model seriously!  Taylor Swift, you are welcome at my house anytime!  Maybe we could write a song together??

Demi Lovato-  Ask me a year ago and Demi would not be on this list.  But this girl deserves some street cred.  Yes she went to rehab, yes she had issues we hope our children never face.  But it’s all about how you choose to deal with your struggles.  Demi took her life in her own hands and faced her demons.  Today she chooses to be honest about her struggles, with the hopes of helping other young women.  I admire Demi for facing her demons head on, being honest about her struggles and sharing her life with others.  Bravo, Demi!

Pink- You don’t have to be totally straight-laced to be a good role model.  Confidence should be of higher value than beauty.  Girls who are confident are less likely to be pressured by their peers.  Girls should learn to embrace their individual, unique selves- even if it is outside the norm.  Pink is beautiful , talented and most of all confident.  She’s not afraid to be herself. Traits I would hope my daughter will admire.

Now let’s talk about the WORST ROLE MODELS:

Hmm, bet you can’t guess who’s number one on this list?  Yep, you got it-Miley Cyrus.  Sure, she’s only 21.  Sure she’s “experimenting” and “finding herself.”  I did that, too, at that age.  What’s different is that Miley has a responsibility to her fans.  As a mega Disney star with so many young admirers, she needs to take her job as role model more seriously.  Smoke your pot—at home!  Don’t flaunt its greatness to young kids.  Cover yourself up!  No one wants to see your pre-adolescent body half-naked..much less watch you grope yourself with your foam finger!  Miley, I’m very disappointed—keep your clothes on and your lyrics clean!  Kids are listening and learning from you!


Rhianna-  I’ll be the first to admit I love Rhianna’s music.  But have you listened ( I mean really listened) to the lyrics of her songs?  She talks about drugs, abusive relationships and violence—in a way that glamorizes it!  “I love the way you lie”?  Have you seen the video for “Hopeless place?”  This is a terrible role model for our children.  Not only is she supporting violence and drug abuse, but her actions of taking back Chris Brown after he beat the shit out of her says more than any music lyrics can say.  What message does that give to our young daughters?  Violence, glamourized.  Not cool, Rhianna!

Lamar Odom- It’s really too bad that Lamar is so highly represented in the media.  Here is an all-star Basketball player..who’s taken a terrible turn for the worst.  What’s even worse?  The NBA doesn’t seem to care!  Apparently, despite his issues with drugs (including Crack!), the LA Clippers still want him to play.  So what does this tell our children?  It’s ok to use drugs, you won’t lose any opportunities. And it might even make you famous!  WTF?  Clean up your act Lamar!  I don’t want my son to admire your behavior!

Kardashians-  OK, I’m a little torn on which list to put the Kardashians on.  My first instinct is the WORST list.  What morals are we teaching our children?  Beauty and money equal success and popularity?  No Kardashian has made the cover of US Weekly for being super smart..or making great decisions!  I don’t want my daughter to grow up admiring Kim Kardashian!  But what I will say, and have said in a previous post, the Kardashians do present a tight family unit that is not all bad.  They have Sunday dinners together, the siblings support each other and the love from their mother, Kris, is clear.  Family is important, and families should stick together and support each other through all the ups and downs of life.  And this is what the Kardashians do well.  What they don’t do well is presenting our girl’s with encouragement to be SMART!  Looks don’t get you places in life, education does.  For anyone thinking of dropping out of high school to be a model like Kylie Jenner, please reconsider.  Very few make it, and you can have a much better chance of a great life if you get an education and continue to develop your skills.

Who did I miss??

Best Wines to Pair with your Thanksgiving Turkey


You’ve got the mashed potatoes and stuffing figured out, but when it’s time to sit down to your Thanksgiving feast, you may not know of that perfect wine that pairs so nicely with Turkey.  Our friends at Gold Medal Wine Club, the premiere site for wine club membership, have offered us an exclusive look at some of the best selections for your holiday table. 

According to my friend Bradley at Gold Medal Wine Club, Chardonnay is a great choice for your Thanksgiving table.  However, he says, some also prefer a Pinot Gris or sparkling wine, while others may like a Pinot Noir.  Regardless your preference, here are some of the top picks for turkey day vino!

Gold Medal suggests the Mi Sueno Chardonnay as the best Chardonnay to pair with dinner.  According to the site, Mi Sueño’s 2008 Russian River Valley Chardonnay is all about grace and elegance. Aromas of lemon peel, maple bar, tangerine shavings, apple tart, custard and orange blossoms tantalize the nose, while the silky, full-bodied palate delivers vibrant fruit flavors and mouth-watering acidity. Notes of stone fruits, guava, peach, spiced ginger and oak are intricately woven, and the long finish leaves lingering flavors of tropical fruits, nuts, and creamy vanilla. Mi Sueño’s 2008 Russian River Valley Chardonnay offers excellent depth and balance.

For a more affordable option, without sacrificing quality is the The Ledgewood Creek 2010 Three Clone Chardonnay .  The LedgewoodImage Creek 2010 Three Clone Chardonnay is a blend of three individual Chardonnay clones from the Ledgewood Creek Estate. Of the five Chardonnay clones planted in the winery’s estate vineyard, highlighting the highest quality fruit possible through a unique profile of aromas and flavors. Winemaker Larry Langbehn says this Chardonnay is an opulent, satisfying wine that leads with aromas of clover honey, orange blossom, peach and floral notes of rose. It is made with thoughtful amounts of French oak and the wine expresses a distinct toastiness and caramel. Very full in body and nicely balanced from start to finish.


Gold Medal Wine Club insists Ironhorse makes a killer sparkling wine.  Perfect for a toast or delicious accompaniment to your holiday dinner, Iron Horse’s 2007 Ocean Reserve delivers soft, appealing aromas of grilled citrus, freshly baked bread, and ripe apple nuances. On the palate, tantalizing flavors of grapefruit, lime, hazelnut, vanilla and brioche are rich and intricately intertwined with a long, refreshingly crisp finish. A world-class sparkler and the perfect complement to any celebration.

If these options don’t quench your holiday thirst, Gold Medal has imported 50 cases of a truly amazing French Champagne.  Bring on the bubbly! It’s time for our celebrated Champagne Special, and we are pleased to feature this exclusive import from one of France’s most established Champagne Houses. The famed Champagne Charpentier House dates back to 1855 and has proven itself as a world-class sparkling producer. For our members, we selected their top-end Terre d’ Emotion Brut, with a unique complexity of aromas including violets, pear, peaches, and mandarin. The caressingly silky body is balanced by lively acidity and a wonderful freshness – perfect for celebrating and toasting to special occasions!

For those red wine lovers that won’t veer from the norm no matter the occasion, you can present a wonderful Pinot Noir.  Opening with perfumed aromas of ripe plum, cherry and raspberry, this Pinot Noir has an inviting bouquet of red fruit, heightened with notes of spices, smoke, coconut, toasty oak, and minerals. Its silky palate is wonderfully rich and elegant with red fruit flavors and nuances of vanilla and spice.

Thanks to Gold Medal Wine Club for offering us this inside look at the best wines for your Thanksgiving giving.  Remember Gold Medal when you are doing your holiday shopping.  Who doesn’t want the gift that keeps bringing amazing wine to your door every month!  Yes, Please!! :)

Any other recommendations for Thanksgiving bevvi’s? 

(No payment was received for this post–they just really know their wine!)


My (Imaginary) Celebrity BFF’s


You know sometimes how you see a celebrity in a movie or TV show- or maybe cyber-stalk them or catch them on a late night talk-show -and realize they really could be your new best friend?!   Well, I happen to think that I could be BFF’s with several of my fav celebs.  Here are just a few:

-Bethenny Frankel:  I love this former NY Housewife turned SkinnyGirl millionaire mogul, turned talk-show host.  Now, let’s be clear, even though I gush on Bethenny all the time, I would not, I repeat, not, want to ever date, work for or marry her (Girls got issues-don’t we all).  Instead I could be like her former Jill Zaren.  We could start the day doing Yoga while eating a skinnygirl protein bar, she could make me a fabulous healthy lunch in your NY apartment, then we could drink SkinnyGirl Margaritas and talk shit and BS all night long!  Everything she says cracks me up.  She’s borderline inappropriate, has no filter and is never afraid to be honest about who she is.  In doing so, she has helped so many women struggling with everything from relationships to business.  I Heart you, Bethenny, someday we will meet in my dreams! :)


-Andy Cohen- Ok, so maybe you’re seeing a BRAVO! Theme here, but I got to say aside from Bethenny, there is no one I’d rather hang with in the clubhouse!  Andy Cohen is not only suuuper intelligent, and the brains behind most of BRAVO’s success, but he’s willing to take chances.  He goes outside the box and what he comes up with is genius!  A late night talk show with a “drinking game alert?”  Guests that sip on their cocktail of choice during the interview? Super funny animated Gifs making fun of famous people and of course I’m always obsessed with the “three things he obsessed with tonight.”  Andy, we could be buds!  Can I PLEEZ come to the clubhouse?  I could be the bartender?!

-Reece Witherspoon- Who doesn’t like this little spitfire!  Not only is she uber successful, an Oscar winner and a brilliant actress, she is down-to-earth, hilarious, and from what it seems a great mom.  I can see us drinking some Sweet Tea and chit-chatting about motherhood.  Even her rant when she was arrested didn’t turn me off…I actually like her more now for how she handled the situation and showed she is a real person, who sometimes makes bad decisions.  She handled her highly publicized divorce with ease and grace and she is the whole package: smart, pretty, motivated, sassy and even a bit rebellious.  Reece, can we hang soon, TTYL!

-Cameron Diaz- I’ve loved Cameron since “There’s Something About Mary” and still love her now.  She is such a strong powerful woman.  She is a genius actor, super cute and smart and (my fav) LOVES having fun!  I could see hanging with Cameron on the beach of Hawaii surfing by day and drinking at night!  I’m sure she’s as sweet and hilarious as she seems and I can’t help but think, she’d like me, too! (No?)

-Chelsea Handler- OK, this one comes with a disclaimer.  Although I LOVE Chelsea Handler- love all her books, love her talk show- she scares me a little.  I once saw her comedy act live, and she even made me cringe with her dirty humor.  I think if I hung with Chelsea I would definitely need drink heavily and wear my big girl panties to take any and all shit she flings my way.  It would be so worth it though!

Other celebs also deserve major shout-outs, Lauren Conrad from “The Hills”, I could totes hang with her and take in her fashion sense.  Khloe Kardashian seems hilarious and so real.  It scares me a little that she was able to hide all of Lamar’s issues from her family, tho, making me feel like she could be a little devious. Jen Aniston, but she is way too pretty I’m sure I’d feel insecure and jealous and secretly resent her.

Who am I missing?  Who’s your celeb BFF?